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New book: "The Paradox of the Waste Paper Basket"

Our member Jos Legrand from the Netherlands has written and published a book by this title, in English. It’s about the history of the wastebasket from 1870 to 1930, and all the wastepaper that ended up in it. More information on this book can be found in the section Publications

The new IFHB flyer

Buch "Schl@gfertige Typen" neu erschienen

Lothar K. Friedrich of Ludwigsburg, an expert appraiser of historic typewriters, has documented the rise and fall of mechanical typewriters in this book. A more detailed describtion of it can be found in the Publications section.

New: HBw-Aktuell 02/2015 (member area)

In this issue (among others):

  • A peculiar Adler 7 typewriter
  • Titania typewriter serial numbers
  • 21st meeting of office collectors in Garbsen
  • A brief presentation of the Stäcker print shop in Hamburg
  • A glimpse beyond the borders (from the December Swiss SHBS newsletter)
  • The final clarification of the @ sign
and, as usual: advertisements, market reflections, this & that ...

Peter Muckermann

New article in the members area:

Curta, die kleinste mechanische Rechenmaschine der Welt
Ein Zeitzeugenbericht von Ingenieur Elmar Maier, Feldkirch

Herbert Bruderer

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