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Historische Bürowelt No. 93 released

This issue contains

  • Experiences in the Hamann calculating machine factory
  • On the history of the publisher "Burghagen"
  • The development of typewriting accounting machines
  • Book review: "Alledaagse makes"
  • Writing machines with coin slot
  • A different kind of automatic typewriters

Martin Reese

New: Typewriter prices (members area)

A price list for typewriters is available now in the members area. Since 2003, Peter Muckermann has collected ebay prices and published them in the HBW-Aktuell. These data have been reassembled and edited. The list contains prices in the form "minimum - medium - maximum" for a lot of typewriter models, many of them with state description.

Harald Schmid

Historische Bürowelt No. 92 released

This issue contains

  • Office research: Lehmann's Apartment indicator for Vienna
  • Office machines around seafaring
  • Ernst Schuster versus Grimme, Natalis & Co.
  • The notes typewriters "Musicwriter"
  • Stoewer's small typewriter
  • From the history of the office machine collectors scene

Martin Reese

New: HBw-Aktuell 07+08/2013 (member area)

In this issue (among others):

  • Curiosities of historical office technology
  • General assembly of the SHBS in Brülisau
  • "Office Antiques" auction in Cologne
  • Collectors’ meeting after the Cologne auction
  • Regional meeting in Essen
  • Regional meeting at Alois Brefka’s private museum
and, as usual: advertisements, market reflections, this & that ...

Peter Muckermann

Olympia adding machine model AM

Questions about the redesign in the final production phase

(new article in the member area)

Peter Haertel

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