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Historische Bürowelt No. 88 released

This issue contains

  • Adler Favorit - model 1 & 2
  • Odhner, St. Petersburg 1905-1928
  • Military souvenirs in the office
  • Typewriters from Spain - an overview
  • Small-sized accounting machines

Martin Reese

Meeting in Wasselonne

On the reception on Friday evening at the City Hall (with Mayor Ostermann) Georg Sommeregger sent a greeting to the assembled societies ANCMECA, ALCMB, SHBS, and IFHB. The photo shows from left to right: André Verney (ALCMB), François Babillot (ANCMECA), Georg Sommeregger (IFHB), Jürgen Moser (SHBS).

His impressions: Good food, great conversations, fantastic material in a well-appointed exchange plus the presentation of IFHB-member Lewin on Otto Steigers machine made the meeting in Wasselonne a very successful event.

More pictures can be found here

Harald Schmid

New: HBw-Aktuell 08+09 (member area)

In this issue (among others):

  • iPad as mechanical typewriter
  • Olivetti ephemera
  • Italian collectors’ meeting in Vercelli
  • The Brunsviga museum catalogue
  • "Acquaintances" in Como, Italy
and, as usual: classifieds, market results, this & that ...

Peter Muckermann



Highlight: The Brunsviga catalogue

For all members the catalog of the Brunsviga museum is available in PDF format. You can find the catalog in the member area, item "Posts". At 585 pages, it contains a wealth of information on mechanical calculators and calculating devices. Approximately 480 exhibits are described. Among that there are some rare Brunsviga models (like the Brunsviga "DMJR") and other special pieces from all eras of calculating technology.

Harald Schmid

Historische Bürowelt No. 88 released

Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Working for 44 years as an expert on office machines in Hamburg
  • Olympic Simplex Simplex A ≠ Simplex B
  • Adrema GmbH in Berlin
  • REMA in Braunschweig 1916-1927: history, machines and patents
  • The first Mauser adding machine - a faulty design

Martin Reese

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